LITTLE Wild Things


I’ve got you: I grew up in a home decorated with family photos giving me a sense of history, belonging and a deep feeling of connection. Creating stories in photos for others is my calling. I bring a new eye to an old experience.

I'm Emma. Let me tell you about who I am-

I grew up here; I know the Asheville area like the back of my hand. My curiosity and love of adventure helped me discover many wonderful places hidden in these mountains.

I’m an artist; I see the beauty and wonder in everyday moments. Photography allows me to share those moments with others.


  ou’re here because you know how important it is to preserve your story.

After I had my son, Henry, capturing the quickly changing moments and preserving them to tell our story took on a new importance.

Like you, I have a story. One filled with love, joy, grief, hardships and pain; creating in me the ability to hold space in big moments and still find the beauty in the small moments in-between. This is why I’m able to capture those meaningful images for your future generations.


  am a mother; I understand what it feels like to have your heart live outside of your body. 

I want to celebrate you- to have your identity and true essence shine through in the photos. I believe that every person deserves to be seen as they truly are and I love getting to showcase the true you in my images. I believe who and what you are is perfect.

I see you in this moment.


  onoring you and your family- exactly as you are- is important to me. 

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