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Capturing your story

with empathy and deep connection

Asheville Birth Photographer

Maternity, Newborn, Families and Wedding Photography

So… you're thinking of finding aN ASHEVILLE photographer for your big moment

You want to share your story;
have it reflect and honor your journey


ou're getting ready to embark on one of life’s biggest journeys and I'm sure, going through all the feelings. You may be feeling excited for your life’s next step, but anxious about the process. You know you need someone to help document it, but you may be concerned about being vulnerable in front of the camera, sharing life’s intimate moments.

You might be concerned you won’t feel a connection with your Asheville birth photographer and that your experience might be too intense for them.

Don't worry, I’ve got you.


Emma, you made me feel so comfortable, pretty, and calm during our first session. I looked at my partner, and told him I NEEDED you to be our birth photographer, and I again felt empowered, calm, and respected during such a vulnerable time. Thank you! "




It's all about the connection


s you move through your journey, I'll hold space while I'm photographing you. I bring more than just a good eye, I’m able to intimately capture photos of the deepest moments of your story with love and support.

I can't wait to get to know you. Don't be surprised if I ask all the little details like how you first met and the REAL reason why Aunt Betty won't be invited back to another family wedding, or what is the weirdest craving you had while pregnant.

As I connect with you I become invested in your story which allows me to honor the telling of it through my photos.

Together we will create an experience that's more than just a business arrangement.

Connect with me

Your beautiful life, photographed with all the love and support you deserve. 

“She has a magnetic energy that gets you charged up and excited for your session, feeling like a movie star every step of the way. I’m normally awkward when getting my photos taken, but Emma had a way of breaking down those barriers for me.”

                 -Samantha Carter





I'm thrilled to be on the team at Homegrown Families a group of doulas and birth workers who provide exceptional birth services, classes, and postpartum care to expectant mothers in our community. Our passion for supporting women throughout their childbirth journey has brought us together, and our dedication to creating a safe and empowering environment is at the core of everything we do.


Hi. I'm Emma!


  am your Asheville birth photographer and companion, and will be capturing the story so you can be in the moment. You’ll be SO comfortable you might forget I'm there.

Now who’s Emma- your photographer and companion- and why me?

I'm a mother. I'm calm in intense situations. I have an innate ability to connect deeply. I have an eager curiosity to know your story and memorialize it. I understand the importance of capturing these moments.

Connect with me now to find out who you will be after we capture your journey.

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